Finishing last week on a sizzling note here in the UK, we’ve popped together some podcasts you can enjoy while chilling out in some shade. Grab that summery cocktail and a spot in the shade, pop in some earphones and get ready!

The Eerie Americas

Spooky, creepy, and just plain gory! Join Vicky and Kristi, as they share their enthusiasm for all things horror. They investigate stories of serial killers, murders, the paranormal, and much more from across the Americas! Join in to find out all about the eerie Americas.

Listen here: The Eerie Americas

The Fantastic History of Food

Food can mean something different to all of us. We all have our likes and dislikes, and that one meal we always come back to for comfort. Fantastic History of Food aims to share some of the most interesting stories about our food and how it came to be what it is today!

Listen here: The Fantastic History of Food

Women Like Us

Ready for a good laugh? Join top journalists, Jennifer Hudson (Katy Brand) and Lillian Bayliss (Katherine Parkinson), as they discuss everything they’re interested in. If you’re a woman, you’ll love the amazing discussions in Women Like Us!

Listen here: Women Like Us

American Greed

How far would you go for a stack of money? Get ready to enter a world of scams, sex and murder. American Greed, a podcast from CNBC, brings you that bit closer to the stories of those who would truly do anything just for a bit of cash.

Listen here: American Greed

The Outcast

It’s your weekly podcast looking at queer and queer-adjacent topics, ranging from politics, fashion, relationships and way more! Every single episode always ends with the WIG (Week In Gay) section which wraps up the latest, gayest news!

Listen here: The Outcast

That’s it for another week! If you’re in this heatwave we’re having, stay safe and enjoy the sun! We’ll be back next week with more awesome podcasts. Until then, why not subscribe to our socials (@podcastdotco) to keep up to date with our picks, or submit your own podcast below!

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