Podsafe music is royalty-free production music you can use in your podcast. Unlike copyright protected commercial records that you might hear on the radio or stream on Spotify, royalty free music is not subject to the same licensing. Meaning you don't need to pay a music license to use this in your podcast.

Podcast.co has been busy producing a collection of music which is totally free for the podcasting community to use. Our first album 'Keep Calm and Podcast' is available for download below and our second album 'Podcast & Chill' is coming soon.

Keep Calm and Podcast

10 songs / 26mb

A selection of acoustic grooves, chilled house and downtempo beats which are great for background music. These will have your podcast sounding as cool as a cucumber 🥒

Download your Podsafe Album now

Podcast & Chill

Coming Soon

It's taken a while but we're currently working on the difficult second podcast music album... Podcast & Chill 🥶Here is a sneak preview! More tracks + full download available soon 😉

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