"We wanted to start a podcast as we felt this was a great way to inform our members and offer a new way for them to connect with us. It has been a treat working with such a friendly, knowledgeable team and they were great in helping us come up with a strategy for success with our podcast."

Michael Palmer, Manchester Digital

For Manchester Digital, whose mission it is to connect with and share the stories behind Manchester's most successful technology and creative companies a podcast was a particularly appropriate medium for their goals, so they came to Podcast.co for help.

After the planning stage was complete, the team were then on hand in helping us get over the initial stage fright, and grow in confidence. With every episode, we’re getting better and we're getting great feedback from our members.

We've felt supported every step of the way, from planning to production, to edit and promotion - we can't recommend Podcast.co enough.

Michael Palmer, Manchester Digital

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