"When we’re recording in different businesses we want the equipment to just work. The team at Podcast.co help us do that, arriving early to get setup. It makes everything look professional, run smoothly, and relaxing for us."

Laura Fearnall, Managing Director

LUYA is a PR, marketing, digital, and events agency based in Chester, UK that helps promote businesses, brands, products, and services both locally and internationally. Recording interesting founders on-location better connects brands with customers. From talking to the world's richest man in Wales to other fascinating businesses, LUYA shows just how important sharing stories is to create synergy between podcasting and branding.

We wanted to do things differently. When you listen to so many different podcasts they can sound echoey and often tinny. We wanted to embrace that and say “no, we are on-location sitting in the middle of a restaurant, hotel, or more recently in a warehouse”. 

Not only does it create a great atmosphere, but it adds to the excitement of the podcast, making it a really immersive experience.

Laura Fearnall, Managing Director

LUYA show why podcasting matters to marketing agencies looking to grow. Reach further with your own message by starting a podcast today.