"Podcast.co's purpose-built studio and hosting solution helped us to craft our programme and share it easily across a full range of platforms and apps"

Alec Dudson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

There's nothing quite like a podcast to trigger an explosion in brand engagement, and Intern Magazine have been quick to jump at the opportunity. The goal of the magazine's Founder, Alec, is to empower young creatives starting out their careers. He knew a podcast was the way to expand his reach, and he wanted support to put together a show that would fizz in his listener's ears, not flop...

From our first conversation with the Podcast.co team, it was clear that their passion for audio storytelling, paired with their technical expertise made them an excellent crew to have in our corner.

There's a really open and collaborative spirit to how they work and that's a great match as well. We're excited to build something great together.

Alec Dudson, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Alec is currently in discussion with sponsors for his show.
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